About RumorFolk

RumorFolk is the database of rumours and contemporary legends from the Folklore Archive of the Department of Catalan Studies of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili.

These stories are very effective in our society. They have an implicit psychological function and can be seen as the expression of ideas, feelings, concerns, needs and fears of our time.

The database contains information about the versions of these stories and offers a type classification. A type is the generic argument that represents a set of versions. Unlike what happens with folktales, there isn’t a single international index of rumours and legends. Therefore, the types of RumorFolk have a generic title and summary and follow their own numbering.

The design of the database and the list of rumours have their origin in the work designed by Josep M. Pujol (1947-2012) in the context of Catalans Studies at the URV.

RumorFolk is part of the research by the Grup de Recerca Identitats en la Literatura Catalana (GRILC), established by the Catalan Government (2014 SGR 755).


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